Minato, Tokyo

Minato (港区 Minato-ku?, “Harbor”) is one of the 23 special wards of Tokyo, Japan. As of 1 April 2013, it had an official population of 232,786. The total area is 20.34 km².

Minato hosts 49 embassies. It is also home to various companies, including Honda, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, NEC, Sony, Fujitsu and Toshiba.

All About Minato,Tokyo


There are a lot of beautiful places in Japan. If you are planning to visit japan you have to go to Minato, Tokyo.

There are groups of the rich-but-not-famous ascending on Minato Area’s high-rise buildings via escalators that sit perched upon these magnificent buildings. By evening, groups of people are roaming around in Tokyo Bay, visiting the numerous bars, clubs and lounges in the area. Extending from the floating shopping centre on reclaimed Odaiba Island to the enjoyment area of Roppongi. Minato Area is the geared for the players that love to work hard and play hard, whether in the conference room, at the tables or on the dance floor.

Minato is really the centre of business activities. There are a large number of foreign business corporations and embassies located in this area. In line with this, there are also a lot of foreign residents which makes this area truly international. Many places such as Odaiba, Roppongi and Azabu-Juban are famous tourist destination.


Minato has a population of around 232, 786 residents and the current population density is around 11, 444 people per square kilometre. The total area is only about 20.34 square kilometres in size. It hosts 49 embassies and a number of well known companies such as

  • Honda
  • Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
  • NEC
  • Sony
  • Mitsubishi
  • Toshiba
  • Fujitsu

If you are fond of museums the Minato district has some amazing museums around it including the Museum of antiques and the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum.

These are the best known areas in Minato

  • Shinbashi is an established business and commercial district
  • Roppongi is the hub for nightlife for its foreign population
  • Odaiba is an area built on reclaimed land in Tokyo Bay
  • Akasaka is a business district and nightlife area situated near the government centre
  • Shiodome consists of brand new skyscrapers

Minato is also a home to many foreign embassies such as

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Canada
  • France
  • Italy
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • Switzerland
  • USA

When you stroll around Minato District, you can check out a lot of corporate buildings and glass ceilings too. There are also wide sidewalks for all the commuters during the busy business hours. When visiting the Minato District everything you are about to see things are glossy, shiny and beautiful.

Minato really takes its luxury image as seriously as its business image. However, in this place Minato luxury is something to look for. It really has a nice neighborhood it is really good to roam around the streets especially at night. As the daylight fades away workers are now ready to party at Minato District’s bars and restaurants.

Minato’s nightlife is truly an amazing experience. So if you want to experience this visit Minato. In Minato everything is easier and the subway is the ideal way to travel around the city. You will really enjoy your stay in Minato. There are a lot of hotels in the area and you just have to choose the best one for you.

You and your family would really love this place and you can experience one of a kind vacation in this place. You will really be coming back for more adventures in Minato District.


The Top Manufacturers of Minato, Take Over Your Daily Shower


FujitsuComputer-300x300Think about the things you have around you or the things that you rely on and consider dependable. Chances are good, at least a few of the things that you have around your home or office are made by some of the most popular manufacturing companies. However, what you may not piece together at first is the simple fact that most of your reliable, everyday use things, were created in Minato, Tokyo. They include names such as Fujitsu, Toshiba, and Mitsubishi and for all the ways they make life easier now, they are still working to give more to every already satisfied customer.

How Are They Doing It?

Just think for a moment about how reliable your Mitsubishi products are and then think about the Fujitsu computers, printers, and even air conditioning units that we have thanks to Tokyo. Now, think about the technology that Toshiba brings to our home every day. They are the electronic masterminds able to create anything, and you never have to question whether it will be a quality product or not.

In an effort to bring further convenience and quality to your life, these leaders in all things technology have broadened their horizons so that you can enjoy more of what you love the most. They are doing it by developing shower accessories that will turn your entire world upside down and change the way that you enjoy your daily shower.

How They Are Improving the Shower Experience 

The masters of all things electronic have developed a bluetooth shower head speaker system that will make each shower you take more exciting, especially if you combine it with their LED shower heads. Your most boring routine of the day can now become a disco room of entertainment or as peaceful as the music you want to listen to. Are you ready to liven up your shower?

What are Bluetooth Shower Head Speakers?

These are speakers that you mount (maybe as easy as suction cups) in your shower. They use your Bluetooth enabled devices to put music into your shower. There will be no distortion like you may usually have to deal with through your smart phone’s speaker. It is just pure sounds so that you can enjoy even more the time that you spend singing in the shower.

LED Shower Heads Add Even More

Now imagine having all of your favorite tunes in the shower, you’re singing Karaoke, and adding a rainbow of colors to your shower as well! Some of these LED shower heads will randomly change colors. Others will change color based on the temperature of your shower’s water. Either way, because it is LED lights you never have to worry about batteries or replacing the bulbs and you never need to ask whether it is a quality product or not.


In fact, these amazing shower heads, light up with pure water pressure. When you turn off the shower, they turn off.

What do you think of the technology that can turn boring showers into a safer, more exciting way to start or end your day? You can have it all thanks to the biggest manufacturing companies.

Evolution of a Favorite Pastime

Evolution of the trampoline

One might think that a seemingly simplistic device like the trampoline has remained unchanged throughout history, but the truth is the trampoline has evolved dramatically over time. Starting as a life-net device used by rescue personnel, the trampoline now comes equipped with safety nets, basketball hoops, and other accessories to make for a fun, safe activities for families.

The Early Years

The trampoline came about out of necessity to rescue people from buildings that had no other way to escape than to jump. As seen in many movies, rescue personnel would stand at the bottom of a building with a tarp/blanket held taut, and gentling releasing inward as the person landed on that tarp. The effect was a bouncing action that we now know as the trampoline.

Early Europeans also used blankets to toss individuals into the air during celebrations such as weddings and birthdays. In these days the people would act as the springs pulling a loose blanket taut, launching the person in the middle of the blanket into the air. This is the inverse action of the rescue life net that the early trampoline was used as.

The Evolution

The first modern trampoline as we know it, with a canvas and springs, started in 1936. The early inventors, George Nissen and Larry Griswold, observed a tight net-like device used by trapeze artist to catch themselves in the event of a slip and fall. Being gymnast, Nissen and Griswold set to the drawing table and the modern trampoline was born.

As the trampoline evolved, the apparatus has been made available for competitive use as seen in gymnastics, or for home use. The competitive trampoline comes in a much larger and springier version compared to the home use version. However, this is rapidly changing as trampolines are steadily being used in cross training techniques.

The first cross training uses of the trampoline were used by astronauts in preparation for space flights. The trampolines provided astronauts the ability to experience the bouncy habitat that they would be experiencing in space.

These same cross training principles are still being put to use. Now, trampolines are especially used with wakeboarding, snowboarding, diving and other sports which make use of airtime. Many competitive wake boarders and snowboarders are seeking to own their own trampolines to practice their tricks in their own backyard. This allows for athletes to hone their skills when not in the water or on the slope.

This has lead to a hybrid trampoline being born. The hybrid trampoline is a cross between a competitive trampoline and a home use trampoline. These hybrid trampolines tend to be bouncier and larger to accommodate a board, such as a snowboard or wakeboard, attached to the user’s feet to simulate the real activity.

Although some homeowner may be inclined to buy a hybrid trampoline to get more spring for their buck, it may not be the best of ideas in terms of safety. Many more options now exist including spring-less trampolines which help to reduce the risk of injury when jumpers, especially children are on the trampoline.

With so many options now available in the trampoline marketplace it can be difficult to make the right choice of trampoline. There are many trampoline reviews sites available on the internet to help you choose the best trampoline for your needs.


What are the Benefits Inversion Therapy Can Give Our Body

Today, inversion therapy can no longer be called an alternative treatment because it has been a subject of a great deal of clinical studies. Inversion therapy has been proven to relieve many form of back and neck pains including:

1. Lower back pain

2. Neck pain

3. Herniated disc. It occurs when the outermost part of the disc begins to weaken and the inner soft part start to press outward. Most common cause of herniated disc is trauma and muscle imbalances called postural dysfunction

4. Bulging disc. Is a fairly common affliction that causes pain to individual in all ages. It is caused by weakening in a vertebral disc which causes the disc to bulge outwards. The occurrence is very common so there are lots of medical treatment can be recommended to treat this condition including inversion therapy.

5. Spondylolisthesis is the anterior or posterior displacement of vertebral column in relation to the vertebrae below. This “slips” most commonly occur in the lumbar spine.

6. Sciatica. Is also known as lumbar radiculopathy is a pain caused by general compression or irritation of five spinal nerve roots of each sciatic nerve or of left and right or both sciatic nerve. Sciatica is a common form of lower back pain and leg pain. Lower back pain, buttock pain, and numbness or weakness on the different parts of the foot. Difficulty in moving or controlling the leg and foot is also one of the many symptoms of sciatica.

7. Pulled back muscle

8. SI joint dysfunction. SI joints have a cartilage layer covering the bone like most joints in the body. The cartilage allows some movement and serves as the shock absorber. When the cartilage is damage the bones will rub on each other that lead to degenerative arthritis. This is the most common cause of SI joint dysfunction.

Here are some benefits inversion therapy can give to back pain sufferers. Make sure to look up inversion table reviews and reasons to use inversion therapy:

 Maintain your height. Inversion helps you avoid the shrinkage due to the result of gravity pull as we aged.

 Improves circulation. Gravity is of great help and aided the blood circulation rather than your body is working against it. With inversion, gravity helps in minimizing the pain of stiff muscles, also gravity help the lymphatic system clear faster.

 Relieves stress. Full body stretch is rejuvenating. If you experienced yoga, inversion therapy gives the same feeling with less efforts being used in it. With regular inversion therapy, some people feel that they experience better sleep.

 Improves posture. The stretching that comes with inversion helps you sit, stand and move with ease and grace.

 Realign the spine after workout. Running, walking, biking and other aerobic activities unavoidably compress your spine- most of the time unevenly. There are also one sided activities that often pull the spine out of the alignment like tennis and golf. Minor misalignment often corrects themselves naturally during inversion.

 Increases flexibility and range of motion. With inversion, your joints remain healthy and your body become flexible. With this, you can leave an active and energetic way of living throughout your life.

 Heightens mental alertness. Activities involving inversion (upside down activities) increase the supply of oxygen in the brain. Experts believe that enough oxygen in the brain helps maintain mental sharpness.